Sobre nosotros

Lo que somos

No somos una agencia, ni una persona; somos algo especial.


At MC Linguistic Services, we believe in the power of cooperation.

We're a team of linguists that represents not only 42 years of combined experience and training, but a strong bond between friends from different cultures and backgrounds that amplifies strengths and guarantees quality. We're serious about business and understand the importance of how people see you,

Nuestro objetivo

Our combined efforts and joint coordination point towards one aim:

To get your message out there in a way that makes your business look good.

Nuestra historia

Established in 2018 by Matthew Cocks, the business initially set out to provide freelance Spanish and Portuguese translation and interpreting services as single-person enterprise until its recent restructuring into a team of linguists, though it remains the personal, Sole Trader brand of its founder. The team is formed of Matthew Cocks, Hayley Smith, Sabrina Toscani and Nuno Fragoso, four university friends and linguist colleagues who discovered that working in a team made each of them better professionals.


While each of us works individually as sole traders with agencies on a freelance basis, when working with direct clients (end-user customers not operating as agencies), the brands's team comes together, pooling its knowledge and skills to deliver a truly optimal service.

Why did we decide to become a team?

We won't lie. The languages industry is tough, really tough.


The level of competition is high and anyone can call themselves a translator, regardless of qualifications. This doesn't just make it difficult for qualified and regulated linguists to work, but it also means that the market quickly becomes polluted with bad quality output that goes unchecked by professional associations, meaning you as a client ultimately lose out.


The worst part? If you don't understand the language your content is being translated into, you'll never even know, leaving your customers with an unprofessional impression of your organization.

Each member of the team has worked individually for a number of years, and while each of us has a minimum Master's level of education, plenty of contacts and cultural experience, our services just weren't being picked up by the right clients. We asked ourselves:


"What if we could pool our resources?"


"What if we could show clients the quality they deserve?"

We decided we could do better. At the beginning of 2020, we took the plunge and the new MC Linguistics Team was formed with the aim of providing clients with the premium-quality language services they deserve.